Dr. Huang and the staff are very caring and really makes an effort to give the best care possible! Dr. Huang has helped me numerous times and is very knowledgeable in what he does. Highly recommended! Incredible care and experienced staff! Thank you!

Dr. Huang and the staff are very caring and really makes an effort to give the best care possible! Dr. Huang has helped me numerous times and is very knowledgeable in what he does. Highly recommended! Incredible care and experienced staff! Thank you! – YELP 5 STAR REVIEW BY E.Y., SANTA ANA, CALIFORNIA


“The results showed that my blood was free of rheumatoid arthritis. “

About 4-5 years ago, my problems began. My hands and knees would swell, causing me a great deal of pain. My doctor told me I had arthritis and gave me a prescription for medication. This medication caused some side effects and consequently, I stopped taking it. Eventually, the swelling and pains subsided. But periodically, in varying degree, the pains would come back.

In August, I began to have severe pains in my shoulders, pain and swelling in my hands, knees, and ankles. I went to my regular medical doctor and he gave me a shot of cortisone. Then he told me I had bursitis in my shoulder and arthritis in my joints. Because I cannot tolerate aspirin, the doctor told me to try Arthritic Strength Bufferin and I would “Just have to ride it out.”

The pains, swelling, and stiffness got worse each day. The last week of August, I was referred to Dr. Yeh, made an appointment, and began treatment on August 11. I told Dr. Yeh that my doctor’s diagnosis was “Bursitis in my shoulders and arthritis in my joints”, and that is what Dr. Yeh began to treat me for. After two weeks, I was not responding and grew steadily worse. I was not able to work, could barely walk, could not drive, and had to give up my position of song leader in church, as I could not use my arms. My wife had to dress me and help me out of bed and chairs. I could not turn in bed without help. Just the weight of the covers on my body brought severe pains. Sleep was almost impossible!

Since I had not responded to Dr. Yeh’s treatment, the diagnosis which was given to me seemed to Dr. Yeh to be incorrect. Dr. Yeh asked me to go to the lab for blood tests. The test results showed that my blood had significant amount of rheumatoid arthritis with inflammation of the joints. At this point, I was very discouraged, although Dr. Yeh was very encouraging with the knowledge God has given him. He said he would be able to help me treat the rheumatoid arthritis with natural medicine.

Immediately, I began the first of a series of three treatments and was soon able to return to work for a few hours. As I began to get stronger, I was able to increase the hours and I am now back at work full time.

Approximately 4 months after the first lab test were done, I had more lab tests. The results showed that my blood was free of rheumatoid arthritis. I am continuing to get stronger and feel better every day.

Now I can even ride my motorcycle!


“I have progressed physically as well as mentally, further than I had dared hoped for.”

Dear Dr. Yeh,

After years of suffering pain and inflammation due to Rheumatoid Arthritis, I’ve gone to several types of doctors and clinics to at least control the symptoms I’ve had to endure that made ordinary activities in life so difficult for me.

However, instead of finding relief, I was subjected to “test drugs” and “proven medicine” that supposedly arrests the spread of arthritis.

The results, however, left me with more inflammation, filled with toxic drugs, and have even less energy to endure this debilitating disease.

I became a skeptic and suspicious of most drug medicines that claim to treat arthritis and believed I would have to live the rest of my life as an invalid as the pain and swelling took over more of my body.

But, upon the recommendation of a friend, I came to your clinic and after a year now, I have new hope because you’ve given me a more effective method of controlling the pain and inflammation I’ve endured for so long.

I sincerely want to thank you and your colleagues for your genuine interest in me and your patience.

Due to your methods of acupuncture and the special herbs you prescribed for me to help eliminate the toxins from my body, I have progressed physically as well as mentally, further than I had dared hoped for.

My family and I are very grateful to you and cannot say enough to thank you again.

I have and will continue to tell my friends and those who I encounter with conditions as bad as mine about your clinic and your treatments.




I came to the Natural Medicine Center because I had heard about natural medicine, but did not know whether it would help me. I was a skeptic. I began treatments with acupuncture and herbal medicine. The treatments are very relaxing and painless.

I came to the Natural Medicine Center because I had heard about natural medicine, but did not know whether it would help me. I was a skeptic. I began treatments with acupuncture and herbal medicine. The treatments are very relaxing and painless. I started to notice an improvement and began to experience less coughing, less phlegm, and more energy. I was able to work at home and go to the office and resume my life and work. In the last few weeks, the coughing has subsided and I have had very little phlegm. I am much happier and more relaxed. I sleep better now and I have even lost weight. I feel very happy about the results, and my family sees the positive changes and is encouraged by how natural medicine is working. I am very comfortable with the staff. They are friendly, polite and caring, and the professionalism is great. I would refer others. It is the best experience I have ever had. – Joseph S.


VIRAL INFECTIONS, AND EXHAUSTION: This center is highly recommended – I had a severe viral infection which caused chest pains, weakness, exhaustion and diarrhea. I went to the emergency room because I had all the signs of a heart attack. I was scared for my life and really surprised by this. That’s when I decided to came here because my wife came here when she had cancer and the effects were minimal, and now she is cancer free. I hoped to decrease the chest pains with the treatments. I began acupuncture visits and taking herbal medicine. I started feeling better and the chest pains subsided. My energy is improving and I am happy with the results. The staff is awesome and the results are wonderful. I would refer others because this is a great facility. For those who are unsure about natural medicine, I encourage them to try it and look at me – I am a walking testimonial. – Gates23

HYPERTENSION AND CHEST PAINS: Since the first day, I felt better in all aspects. I came to see Dr. Huang for hypertension, low energy, chest pains, and weight loss. I noticed results almost immediately, from the very first treatment until today. My blood pressure is normal and I have no more chest pains. I lost 25 pounds of extra weight. I have more energy and I feel younger and better about myself. My recovery has improved my life both physically and mentally. I recommend the Natural Medicine Center, and if I can refer someone I would so that they can obtain the same results as I did. – Dan Y.

HERNIATED DISC: great place for help for my herniated disc – I had a herniated disc and my vertebrae pitched to one side. I thought that I would be in pain for the rest of my life and take pain killers forever. I was not able to work due to the injury and I was not able to go out. I could not lift anything, I was in chronic pain and everyday it was getting worse. After coming to this clinic, I felt a difference from the first treatment. From there, it got better and better. I take no pain pills now. I am able to function like a normal person. Most importantly, I got my life back. - ROMEROAIDAN92


Natural Medicine Center Can Help Treat Disease Of The Body

For a easy-to-treat disease or disease of difficulty, Natural Medicine Center can help, but it is essential that one choose the right physician. Acupuncture is a very beneficial and natural method of treatment that can relieve pain and treat many diseases. But you need a doctor who has had extensive experience in the field, has the knowledge to properly diagnose your condition and the clarity to provide you with medical advise. These factors are what distinguish good results with no result at all.

Since a disease of the body can virtually affect daily life, it is important to find a doctor who knows how to treat the disease. Patients often are frustrated because they spend time, energy, and money going from physician to physician with little to no results. At Natural Medicine Center, the doctors understand that the patients come with frustrations and various life-affecting ailments that they have struggled with for years. The staff at this center are both caring and provide gentle care.

Natural Medicine Center has a unbeatable reputation for treatment of a disease of difficulty, and has helped over 45,000 patients. This Orange County based clinic is a center devoted to quality natural care. Doctors at Natural Medicine Center provide acupuncture and herbs, and make dietary and lifestyle suggestions that will benefit the patient. Patients have truly seen the results they had hoped for, and many patients, although they were skeptics at first, are adamant believers in natural medicine. They have even referred other patients to the center and are pleased to tell their success story.

Consider Natural Medicine Center Costa Mesa, CA when looking for a clinic to treat any disease of the body. Since this clinic is located us off the 405 freeway at Fairview and Harbor exit, it is very easy to find. Just discover this reputable clinic, located just minutes from South Coast Plaza, the Orange County Fairgrounds, and Orange Coast College.

Acupuncture is a Time Tested Method to Treat a Disease Of Patients

A disease of the body requires great care, so it is essential to find a doctor who understands your needs. Acupuncture is a simple choice for so many because of the medical system’s method to effectively, painlessly boost the body’s functions and allow for it to heal itself. When you want a medical method that has been tested throughout the years, acupuncture and natural medicine is the way to go. This time proven method is not only beneficial for the emotional and physical health of an individual, it is also a enduring method that has lasted throughout generations.

Acupuncture is a tested method to treat a disease of the body, pain, or common ailments. When surgeries and other medical procedures require long recovery times, painful operations, and other irreversible treatment options, acupuncture lifts the body up. The method’s ability to encourage the body’s own healing response is priceless. Since acupuncture encourages the energy flow throughout the body, the body is able to heal itself more and more, as time progresses. The method stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself and it benefits the body’s emotional and physical status.

For a disease of the body, acupuncture is a time-proven method that was used back in the time of the Qin Dynasty. The emperor’s own physician used the techniques and methods still employed at Agape Acupuncture. In fact, acupuncture and natural medicine has treated more people than all other systems of medicine put together, and it is the most studied medical system in contemporary medicine today. These methods have been successful for thousands of years, so you will feel confident that acupuncture does work.

A disease of the body needs not only the proper treatment method, but also requires a experienced physician who understands the disease. Agape Acupuncture has experienced physicians who truly understand how to treat a disease of each individual patient, and has seen a truly great success rate.

A Disease Of the Body Requires Great Care

A disease of the body must be treated by an expert who understands both the body and the disease. There is no single solution that will fit like a glove for every patient, so it is important to note that care must also be tailored to each individual patient. This is something that Agape Acupuncture understands and it has produced tremendous result.

If you are suffering from a disease of the body and are tired of the lack of individual care and attention you recieve at hospitals, consider Agape Acupuncture. Here, you are not just another patient and you are not another number in line. The doctors here take the time to discuss your questions and concerns, and they determine a treatment plan that is solely meant for you. This means that you will have your own individual acupuncture treatments, custom formulated herbal teas and supplements, and the attention you want.

Patients who have come to Agape Acupuncture for a disease of the body have found treatments to be extremely comfortable, relaxing, and best of all, successful. Many patients come to Agape Acupuncture after being frustrated with the cold atmosphere of many large hospitals or clinics that do not give them the answers they need. Patients are frustrated, have spent much of their income on treatments that have not worked. They have not been able to get the answers they want from doctors and many times, doctors are not able to diagnose their illness.

When patients who have come to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of a disease of the body, they are refreshed to find doctors who give them individual attention. They are delighted when they see that the treatments really work. Patients are pleased when they notice that their health is improving and they are ecstatic to share that with others.

Disease Of Cancer, Pinched Nerve, and Collapsed Vertebrae

A patient came to Agape Acupuncture for the disease of cancer, along with various conditions. In 2009, her vertebrae collapsed, which caused a pinched nerve and did not allow her to move her right bicep. The patient had tremendous difficulty doing the simplest tasks, such as putting up her hair or putting on makeup. The following year, the patient’s lung cancer returned and she had the lower lobes of her lung removed because of it. The patient needed help cooking and dressing, and was suggested chemotherapy and radiation for treatment.

Since the patient did not want either alternative for the disease of cancer, she had trouble breathing and was unable to manage her home. She could not go out a lot and socialize. Since the patient has had a lot of  health problems, she had many surgeries and operations done. She also visited another clinic prior coming to Agape Acupuncture, which left her with chronic fatigue and lack of nutrition. After a referral to Agape Acupuncture, she started treatments and took herbal teas.

She started acupuncture for the disease of lung cancer and other illnesses she struggled with. She was able to feel in her right bicep after her second treatment at the center and at the end of the day, she was able to move it. After the third treatment, she was able to breath better and move her bicep and her knees. The patient also noticed that the cloudy urine she experienced before was also gone due to acupuncture and herbs. Her energy has increased and she is able to function so much better than before.

The patient is pleased and noted that if she was able to learn about acupuncture earlier in life, she would have chosen natural medicine as the method to encourage healing for a disease of her body. The patient is thankful to Agape Acupuncture.

Disease Of Thyroid and Sinus Condition

For the disease of thyroid and other symptoms associated with it, a patient started treatments with Dr. Huang at Agape Acupuncture in 2007. She was unsure if natural medicine could help her at first but felt more calm after she asked her  friends who had received treatments before. All her friends who went to the clinic had great results so she thought she would try it as well. She had anxiety attacks because she had her thyroid removed and her thyroid medication made her miserable. She was also losing a lot of weight because she had no appetite.

For the disease of the thyroid, the patient said she had it removed, but she regretted it because it gave her a lot of negative symptoms. Although the patient never had high blood pressure before, she said her blood pressure level went up. She said that she wished that she had learned about acupuncture prior to her thyroid operation. If she had known, she believes that she would still have her thyroid. Dr. Huang treated her along with her endocrinologist and she started to feel better. She was able to sleep for the first time in a long time and her anxiety reduced.

For the disease of sinus problems, the patient asked Dr. Huang for help as well. She was unable to breathe, especially in the rain, and had sinus problems for years. After two treatments, she was able to breathe for the first time in years. She was able to gain weight as well. Now, the patient says she is able to live life again and is able to rest at night time. She is more relaxed and does not suffer from the anxiety that she had before. She is no longer skeptical about acupuncture and has even referred her daughter to Agape Acupuncture for treatments. What a fantastic testimonial!

Battling A Disease Of Tonsil Cancer

The Disease Of tonsil cancer is a difficult disease that one patient came to Agape Acupuncture to be treated for. The patient came to visit the clinic because she felt a lump in her salivary gland and was not sure what the lump was. She did not even think that the lump could be cancer and was not even thinking about that possibility at all. Dr. Huang suggested that the patient get a diagnosis first prior to treatments at the clinic. At his direction, the patient visited another doctor and was diagnosed with stage four tonsil cancer. The patient was terrified and did not know what to do, and she was completely in shock.
The patient started treatments for the disease of tonsil cancer at Agape Acupuncture. She had a lump in her neck that was like the size of a golf ball and had painful sores on her tongue and in her mouth. The patient stopped working and did not go out to socialize. Her ENT suggested that she start with chemotherapy and radiation, so she started treatments along with treatments at Agape Acupuncture. She hoped that the acupuncture treatments would aid her as she continued with radiation treatments.
For the disease of tonsil cancer, her oncologist suggested morphine for her every four hours, but she only took two a day. The patient said she believes natural medicine helped her avoid the large amount of morphine she was prescribed to take. She was unable to eat any solid foods and was completely exhausted and had little energy. Although the patient said she did not feel better right away, since she was on chemo and radiation the same time, she said she felt at peace when she came to the office.
The patient continued with treatments for the disease of tonsil cancer and kept up her strength. Acupuncture treatments helped her also keep her weight and she did not lose the 40 pounds she said she would drop during the chemotherapy process. The patient is now back at work and is truly a firm believer in natural medicine.

Fight Against a Disease Of Difficulty

Battling a Disease Of difficulty is vigorous work that one must continue with, and it is no option to give up. So, in order to improve recovery and to aid your body, you must make sure to keep eating foods that are healthy. By eating poor foods and constantly hurting your body with foods that do damage rather than good will negatively affect your health. Make sure you are giving your body the tools it needs in order to fight disease.

Disease Of notes that food is truly an effective treatment tool. At Agape Acupuncture, they specialize at providing patients with a high level of quality care that not only includes beneficial treatments and herbs, but also a plan to help you maintain your health. Included in the plan is your diet and the foods you eat on a daily basis. If you want to make sure that you are eating right, then it is time to learn what foods your body needs and what foods you should completely abstain from.

Fighting against a Disease Of difficulty is something that many patients at Agape Acupuncture have to deal with on a daily basis. But with natural medicine and treatments, they are seeing their health improve. In addition, these patients are making changes to their lifestyle and by choosing food options that are better for them. Let Agape Acupuncture show you what foods and lifestyle choices you need in order to maintain optimal health.

A Disease Of difficulty is something that is a struggle every day, so do not work against the recovery process. It is important to help encourage healing and recovery by making the changes that Agape Acupuncture is eager to show you. Since they are located in Orange County, California, it is so simple to find out how you can improve your health.

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A Disease Of Recovery Story

For the disease of thyroid cysts, a patient visited Agape Acupuncture at the start of 2012. The patient had suffered from symptoms that were related to her condition, but was never able to determine what the cause was. Years prior to being diagnosed with thyroid cysts, the patient had developed a lump in her throat that swelled. The lump would be larger some months, and would go down in size, and the patient took herbs, thinking that the condition would go away.

After the lump remained, the patient started receiving treatments at another acupuncture clinic. The patient also received many ultrasounds, blood tests, and a mri to determine what the lump was. After results came in, the diagnosis was still unclear. Some doctors believed it to be tissue and some said the lump was actually a goiter. Results showed that there were nodules in the patient’s thyroid, but another said that there were no nodules at all. After years, the condition started to worsen and the patient was frustrated.

The patient came to Agape Acupuncture for treatment of the disease of thyroid cysts. At the suggestion of Dr. Kevin Huang, the had another ultrasound and blood test done, and it was discovered that she had five cysts that had developed in her thyroid. The patient started acupuncture treatments and herbal supplements at the clinic. She was very pleased with the results and the kind and caring staff at Agape Acupuncture.

Although the patient is still continuing treatments for the disease of thyroid cysts, she has seen a great improvement both physically and emotionally. She also has a lot more energy and is able to carry on with her daily life. The patient is truly grateful to Dr. Kevin Huang and his care and his concern, and for his expertise. The patient is truly confident in her recovery.